Weight Loss Diet for Indian Women

weight loss diet for indian women

Tired of chasing crash diets? Do you feel you can’t do anything about your fat body image? Time to hop on most down to earth advice for Indian women to reduce weight from the expert who had been watching it working on thousands of people over and over again.

We have been spending hours searching for magic weight loss diet for Indian women and read celebrity’s secret workout and diet regime. But in the end the challenge seems as stagnant as it was before.

These are ten-time tested ways to reduce weight for Indians which will help you peel off those extra kilos.

Detox your body:

This is the first thing you should be doing after you wake up, even before you have your breakfast. It will help your body flush out the toxins and help you cleanse your system. Some of the best food for detoxification early morning includes amla juice, aloe vera juice, lemon water, saunf, etc.

Have proper breakfast

Breakfast is said to be a secret of weight loss champions and we here at Indian weight loss dieting certainly believe it . That’s true! Properly planned breakfast sets you going throughout the day. Most of us are in extremely hurry in the morning that we prefer to skip it and feel tired and exhausted throughout the day. Truth is properly done breakfast will save you from unwanted craving and eating larger portions in lunch.   If you have very little time just grab one apple and glass of milk or crunchy bowl of muesli with milk.


indian-women-slim-dietsBowl of salad before meals

Vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients. While cooking we add oil, cream, cheese etc. and make if calorie dense more over cooking procedures destroy some of their nutrients. To enjoy the goodness of by consuming it raw in form of salad. It gives you fibre and nutrients which will stop you from overeating meals and help in controlling your hunger. To make the salad interesting, sprinkle some mint, pepper powder, lime juice or vinegar to it. Need a personal dietitian who can plan a healthy weight loss diet menu for you that keep you energetic through out the day? Join our guaranteed weight loss diet program

Develop healthy snacking habits

Plan your snack options beforehand so that u don’t get prey to unhealthy food temptations. Most of the time, we neglect the snack and often feels it makes you fat. Contrary to this it plays an important part in losing weight. Some of the best snacking options include handful nuts, a glass of vegetable juice, a fruit bowl, soya nuts, home-made khakhra, popcorn, puffed rice, fruits and curd etc.

Avoid liquid calories

We feel guilty when we eat a piece of pizza but doesn’t even realise while gulping a glass of soft drink or wine.  Reality is some beverages contains more calories than your entire snack portion and doesn’t even provide you satiety. Therefore one must refrain themselves from drinking extra calories, the best zero calorie beverage is water other best option to drink include, coconut water, lime water, amla juice, or homemade vegetable juice.

Include super foods

Super foods are responsible to speed up your weight loss efforts. These are often low in calories and known for increasing your metabolism which is known as a holy grail for weight loss. Some of the superfoods include garlic, cinnamon, spinach, curd, nuts, wheat bran, green tea, eggs etc.

Drink ten glasses of water per day

Drinking more water has many functions which indirectly helps you to lose weight. Without giving you any calories water help you maintain your body ph., cleanse your system and help you eat less. Drinking more water also helps you to remove impurities of the body and help you relieve from constipation which is one of the most top reason of being overweight.

Portion out your meal prior

Don’t sit with the serving dishes, instead portion out your meal on a plate and eat. This will keep a track of your consumptions and you will less likely to overeat. At the same time, it’s necessary to stop the habit of eating leftovers of your child and eating while cooking.

Eat 3 fruits a day

Fruits are not only pleasing to your taste buds but also are full of nutrients. Consuming 2-3 fruits a day takes care of your craving of sweet and help you get nutrients essential for your wellbeing. Fruits are fibrous and contain very few calories than consuming a piece of chocolate.

Chew your food properly

Chewing your food properly helps in better digestion. It gives your stomach little time to signal that there is no more hunger and you can stop eating. Even if you are eating 5 fewer morsels of food in a long run you can lose 2-3 kg.

You must be wondering enough has been said about weight loss diet for Indian women and  but know information regarding what not to eat. Idea is to fill yourself with so much of wellness that you don’t feel like eating any junk or high-calorie food. Implement these changes in your daily diet and lose weight without much hassle. Share with me the result you noticed in you weighing scale, I would be waiting to hear from you.

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