Diet Plans

Eat to perform than to survive 

Our unique diet consultation program formulated by expert dietitian in the field of diet and  nutrition to provide you with best dieting solution for weight loss.

WLD plans are completely customized for your age, gender, eating preferences and medical conditions , nutritionally balanced and easy to follow, which help you eat right without depriving you from any food group.

By following our program you would be able to lose 0.5-1 kg per week. Go through our program and select which suites you best according to the number of kilos you need to lose.


Choose your plan


Experience the Change
Rs. 5999
Expected weight loss 4-8 kg
Suitable for individuals who need to lose upto 8 kg and to one who wants to try our result oriented service.
4 diet plans
8 counselling sessions
Healthy recipes
1 Exercise video
Get in Shape (Popular)
Rs. 14999
Expected weight loss 10-15 kg
Suitable for individuals who need to lose upto 15 kg or to one who wants to manage their disease conditions.
12 diet plans
24 counselling sessions
Healthy recipes
3 Exercise videos
Guide for healthy dinning out
Weight Loss Plus
Rs. 25999
Expected weight loss 22-30kg
Suitable for individuals who need to lose more than 15 kg and want to improve quality of life.
24 diet plans
48 counselling sessions
Healthy recipes
6 Exercise video
Guide for healthy dinning out
Guide to maintain your weight


Why to pay us?


Its quick, convenient and cost effective weight loss diet consultation service. if you visit a dietitian in person or go for slimming center membership you have to not only wait in queue for hours but also its heavy on your pocket. WLD plan registration allows you unlimited access to a personal dietitian who works on your specific goal and give you expected weight loss results in real short time.


What you get?


  • Personalized weight loss diet plan
  • Counselling every week to keep a check on your progress
  • Instant access and quick reply to your queries
  • 2-4 kg of weight loss per month
  • healthy interesting recipes
  • Exercise videos to perform exercise at home.
  • Guidelines for disease management, if any