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How We Work?


Does your fat body and protruding belly dimming your personality ?

Your fat body calls you for embarrassing situations, you get ashamed and say:

“Damn! I can’t take it anymore I will show them now!” and yet you fail to hit the gym regularly or to even control your diet to get rid of fat, to never face rejection in life, to present yourself better in friends and family, to get more attention from your partner, to installing confidence in yourself and to be the woman that everyone around you envy’s.

With effective and easy to follow Indian weight loss diet plans live a healthy life and enjoy more energy and productivity in life. These healthy diet plans allow you to eat normal everyday food while losing weight without you having to spend thousands of dollars and long hours in the gym every day!

indian weight loss diet

Hey guys this is Dietitian Simran Matwani, I am very glad that you found your way to this website and you are interested in losing that extra fat. I am particularly very excited for you because you have chosen the right path – Indian Weight Loss Dieting – an investment that is truly rewarding! It is a sure shot way to get rid of the excessive body fat and become the real slim you again.

Before I introduce you to Indian weight loss dieting, I would like to share with you my own transformation story.

So in 2014 I was a caring a huge weight of 90kg out of which 50% was just fat! And due so many fat cells in my body I got diagnosed with PCOD- a kind of hormonal imbalance. I am sure you can partly understand the issues I was facing at tender age of 20 years because of my weight and disease condition. I was felling neglected, was low on confidence and personality was diminishing day by day.

I have tried many free diet plan online like GM/ DETOX/ Liquid and even tried herbal life shakes and gym, but all my efforts went in vein.

One day my friend introduce me to Dt. Farzana Chauhan, she was in the field of nutrition and weight loss since many years and helped many people like me in transforming their lives by correcting their dietary habits and lifestyle.

Under her guidance I have lost massive amount of 27kg in just a year. You won’t believe my weight loss journey with her was easier than the whole lot of stuff I tried before. I have never starved myself nor felt fatigue.

This whole idea of transforming someone’s life got me so motivated that I have switched my carrier from engineering to Nutrition.

Once I completed by nutrition course I took complete training under Dt. Farzana Chauhan and then after giving results to hundreds of clients together we came up with Idea of An online platform which can help a person like you to start their weight loss journey from comfort of home.

Isn’t it simpler than it looks? I know you have been thinking a lot about weight loss and tired of imagining yourself thin. Let me take this opportunity to help you in giving you a healthy make over without the shortcut methods like crash dieting and FAD diets :)

I focus on simply correcting your diet by making you eat all natural and local foods available in your kitchen. This will increase your metabolism naturally so that you get permanent solution to you weight gain and learn to manage your weight throughout the life.

Now you must be wondering how to start getting customized diet plan and losing at such a convenient setup. There we introduce you with three simple steps which will help you get started.

Register – Get plan – Start losing

What You Will Get Rid Off

  • An even toned body will reignite the passionate relationship you had during early days of marriage and will also fetch more attention from your partner
  • Avoid life-threatening complications like diabetes, heart attack, cancer, high cholesterol by following healthy diet plans balanced in essential nutrients.
  • After losing weight, rejection is not an option in your life as you would be able to present yourself more confidently amongst friends and family.
  • Keep stress and anxiety at bay and live happily by eating range of healthy and tasty foods that made dieting experience fun..
  • This party season no need to look at size tags, pick any dress you love without fearing your un proportioned body anymore.
  • Find yourself always on toes, as you get rid of laziness by following proper meal patterns.
  • Your charming personality would be hard to neglect on, healthy eating brings glow to the skin and get shiny hairs.

Reasons to Lose Weight

  • Lead active life by eating diet in right kinds of food at right times, you would be able to live a more productive life as you say bye-bye.
  • You can take better care of your spouse and children when you are energetic inside while eating your usual tasty meals.
  • Win more friends and become socially viable by your slim beautiful look and flaunt your enormous hidden skills with conviction.
  • Create success for yourself with very high level of self-confidence and attractive persona and be the woman everyone around you envy’s.
  • Fetch more appreciation from family and friend as you are able to put more hard work and efforts in whatever you do.
  • Reduce extra fat and influence people around you by your appealing and charismatic persona.
  • By opting for gradual and healthy weight loss look fresh and younger than your age, and wear any clothes you like without considering age factor.

How We Work


I want to ask you a very important question before I introduce you to weight loss dieting plans. What does it really mean to you to lose that extra 20-25 kilos that you are carrying around? You actually need to imagine yourself how losing this extra fat can impact your life…

Do you really think that losing this extra fat in 8 weeks with healthy and effective diet plans is worth your effort and time?

Will it be worth having your spouse to love you more and reignite the spice in the relationship or avoiding life-threatening diseases or perhaps even getting rid of the laziness which is keeping you from being more productive in life and also inculcating the same lazy behavior in your children?

I truly want you to answer these questions or perhaps being an understanding woman myself, I know what your answer is. So I want you to tell me how much really you are willing to give in to the relationships with your spouse and get him to love you more? How much are you willing to invest in yourself and how determinant you are to influence your children’s to a healthier lifestyle?

Yes ! I do understand that all these mean more to you than anything that you can do for family or you. For that reason only I will recommend you here to join our customized, effective yet easy to follow Indian weight loss diet plans and start losing upto 8 kilos in just eight weeks. I will strongly recommend that you try these plans at least for 8 week as I guarantee it will work and also believe that Indian weight loss dieting would be your single highest value investment of your time and energy that you can make to get rid of this fat and become the real slim you again.


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